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About Us

About Us

Phil Stravino

Phil Stravino


“I started working in the catering sector of the airline industry at the age of 18 for the duration of 5 years. This is where I learned about how there was a large need for control of insects in the food handling and catering industry.  I then moved on to work as a building engineer, for 6 years, which allowed me to do a little bit of everything in the building.  This gave me the ability to know the ins and outs of how a building worked along with the problems that came across with rodents and insects.  Following this, I worked for 5 years at a Pest control company while receiving a degree from Farmingdale University and Westbury University in Urban Entomology. In 1983, I started PAC Exterminating.”




Over 40 Years of Pest Control Experience



New York State
Certified Technicians


 Termites, Structural and Rodent, Public Health, Food Processing, Wildlife.  Our Technicians are constantly upgrading their licenses through courses from New York State. 

NYPM Member

Member of the New York Pest Management Association (NYPM)

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